Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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Well, we’ve been racing 24 hours!

Race start was amazing, Lanzarote was very welcoming and Chris and I felt thrilled to have both our parents there to wave use off.

After the start line, and hoisting our bright pink A2 into the sky, I was a little bit over excited and distracted the navigator a bit too much with my wonderful rendition of ‘Sex Bomb’, and we nearly over shot the first mark. But great work by the helmsman meant we got round just great.

It was a beautiful night, warm with a full moon. We peeled our A2 for an A4 as the wind picked up but sadly got it in a twist so had to drop and re-hoist. No damage done and an excuse to eat another chocolate bar, as we now enjoy up to 11knt with the A4.

Chris got offered either ‘partially cooked’ or ‘burnt’ pasta for dinner last night. Reminding us both that it wasn’t for my cooking skills that he agreed to have me on board as co-skipper.

I would explain our watch system, but probably best you just look at the tracker. When it’s going in a straight line, Chris is on watch. When it’s all over the place, I’m on watch.

Both having an amazing time, enjoying as much sleep as we can, and loving the good work that Nunatak is doing to power us forward.

Elin (& Chris)