Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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All is well aboard Nunatak.

We only have one major problem to deal with. My deck shoes! They smell so badly that they’re even making me retch. Frosty was so desperate to get away from the smell that he went up the rig, making an excuse that the spreaders needed to have padding on them to stop them from putting holes in our kites.

The wind has continued to drop over night. As the autohelm could handle the conditions we had dinner together on deck, which was really night. Overnight we went from A4, to Code0 and then to gib as the southerly breeze stopped us from going south as quick as we wanted to.

Dolphins came to visit which was just amazing, as always, and far better than the floating fridge we had to by-pass the night before.

We’ve got some great photos to share but at the moment can’t get the tech to compress to make them small enough to send.

We’re now making the most of our time drifting to catch up on sleep and have a wash!


Elin & Chris