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Hi Louay,

Hope all well and that you’re partying hard in Grenada. Hope all our blogs have been coming through, sorry about limited photos but we don’t have the right software to compress. Would really appreciate if you could add my JustGiving weblink to the end of this blog. Big thanks, Elin X

What a contrasting 24 hours. We’ve barely had any wind and making very slow progress as a result. Highlight of the day has been bilging the water from the forepeak.

Not sure Chris will appreciate me sharing this with the world, but I think it’s funny to share (the caring nursing instinct in me coming out). You see, Chris has a little problem – ear wax! Which generally means he whispers (thinking that he’s talking normally), so I can barely hear him. In response I have to talk at the top of my voice, which he still barely hears. It makes for an amusing conversation when we’re discussing which flavour noodles to have for lunch. Not so much when I’m on the bow and he’s on the helm though. Makes for having to use a lot of hand gestures! Not all of them suitable for day time TV viewing.

As a result I spend most of my time ploughing through the medical kit wondering what I could use to attack his ears with. Chris on the other hand seems more than happy to be only hearing only 50% of what I say. I can’t possibly imagine why ...

Despite our minor on board inconveniences, we both feel extremely lucky to be able to have the chance to do this race. Extremely lucky that our health (minor temporary hearing loss aside!) allows us to do it. Luck not granted to all.

As with all my adventures I hope that my two handed sail across the Atlantic will raise awareness about the amazing charity that I passionately support in my work – Findacure. Findacure work to support patients living with rare disorders. There are around 7000 different rare disorders, affecting around 32,000,000 patients in Europe. 50% of them being children. Collectively therefore they are not rare. Findacure works to promote patient empowerment and drug repurposing – that is, research to the use of already available drugs for different conditions, but because of the small number there is not enough commercial incentive by pharma.

In the pre Christmas build up, if you could spare a couple of pounds and donate, I’d really appreciate. I’ve set a target of £3000 (a £1 a mile) which would be enough to run three patient group workshops. More information on


Off to make another scrumptious dinner of wax flavoured noodles.

Elin & Chris