Campagne de France FRA147 Friday Morning

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We must have read the wrong brochure. Trade wind route it isn't. Still upwind since the night before last, but on the way to better things, although the wind is refusing to match the forecast at the moment. Upwind = bouncing/ slamming off waves and into troughs. Getting water into the Jetboil and then pouring boiling water into a mug and keeping the contents in it while placing the lid on it are activities best undertaken in foul weather gear and boots despite the heat. Yesterday afternoon we crossed tacks with a sailing boat called Hot Stuff, having given them a fly by while heading in the wrong direction when we had to sail downwind for a few minutes to repair something. We spoke to them on the VHF and it transpired that they are competing in the ARC (finish St Lucia). They must also be wondering whether the trade winds aren't just a myth, and I think the ARC started a week before the RORC Transatlantic Race. Every 4 hours, we receive a position report (or punishment report depending on performance), where we see how Campagne de France, or more precisely her crew, has fared against the competition. There are still 2000 miles of race course to go, many more miles than that to sail as the direct route is closed, at least if we want to get to the finish this year, and a lot can happen in that time. Campagne de France somewhere in the Atlantic on a very dark night