Campagne de France FRA147 - Thursday Sunset

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Apologies for the lack of news. It's been a bit full-on. We are taking it in turns helming the boat in quite a sea state. Big swell from the NE, swell from the SE, plus 1.5 - 2 knots of current flowing NNE, which is not helping. Up to 30 knots at times, in cold sharp downdrafts, whereas the wind the rest of the time is warm and humid. At times, Campagne de France  is at the top of a decent sized ski slope of a wave, accelerating fast down the face and there isn't aways an exit at the bottom of the hill. Spray everywhere, but rarely gets the driver.
The sea got a little more organised before sunset, presumably just to lull us into a false sense of security as night falls!
Numerous flying fish, mostly returned to the sea if they haven't managed to flip-flap there way back to fly another day. Scales everywhere, which is just delightful.
Campagne de France - less than 730 miles to our waypoint south of Grenada