Maverick - GBR4945R - Day 11 - Olly

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Good Morning Team Maverick Fans,

Well today my story is about suicidal flying fish. As you may know we are not the largest yacht and we have a very low freeboard. I can tell you that getting hit by a flyingfish while doing 17kts hurts!

Progress is good and we are enjoying the fresh trade winds. Maverick is really doing very well looking after us and smashing down the distance to run. As I write this the ony other vessel in our class "Leopard" has only 300nm to run so should be in within 24hrs and take Monohull line honours. Well done to them! Hopefully we will not be too far behind!

As it is we are still hunting down Aragon. There is a little moon now on the early night watches and this is helping massively. We have been having some sat coms issues but they seem to be ok at the moment.

Anyway thats all for now...

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first? (we have no coffee or teas left!!!!)
Alice in wonderland

Olly out