Maverick - GBR4945R - Kees Postma

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We have had a mega frustrating 12 hours on board, all a domino effect started by the A2 tack blowing up for no reason the other night. Then we had no choice to go to the A1.5, which also not surprisingly blew up around midnight last night. Then we had no choice to go to the FR0 which was pretty slow all night long and we lost ground. This morning we decided to gybe over because the sea state looked better on the other gybe, but when we unfurled the FR0 on the other side it wouldnt unfurl properly so we had to drop it on deck and it took us 1.5 hours to sort it out. We are doing everything we can to hold on to 2nd overall, as 1st looks out of reach now realistically. Hopefully we manage that. Don't be surprised to see some dissapointed faces if we don't. We've been pushing so hard for 2 weeks, so desperate not to give it all up now..