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Finally the Genaker is up and the boat is running fast. Its been a great trip so far!!

Today we will cross the half way point and to celebrate that we all enjoy a cold beer and a nice meal. The crew is doing very well as we finally reached the Passat-trade-wind which all of us expected sooner. The first week was rough, tough good for us. With the wind coming from the front we were challenged with some more weather tactics, but due to our excellent navigator and skipper we were able to position our self in a good and motivating spot. It has been an amazing experience so far. We've had our ups and downs but all in all everybody is happy. A few days ago we saw some wales really close by (little scary to be honest) and every now and then some Dolphins give us company. Night sailing is really impressive as we are chased by a trail of glowing plankton which looks beautiful. During the night we have a light that shines into our sails for us to see, but it also attracts flying fish, so that we have to clear our boat regularly from dead fish on deck :D Ill have to say that although we have been sailing for such a long time its hard to understand how ginormous the Atlantic really is. The surrounding is pretty much the same now as it was on the second day.... water..... But never the less are we looking forward to sail well and maybe even lead the father-son challenge...looking good right now ;)

best regards from the middle of the Atlantic

Benedikt Woge + Broader View Crew