Crew member on ITA15111 Hatha Maris (2)

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Hatha Maris


It's already been a few days since we left Lanzarote, and we decided,

together with just a handful of other boats, to head south and aim to catch

the trade winds sooner.

So far our choice is not paying off, as the lull is extending way south of

Tenerife and we are very slowly progressing S / SW. The quiet winds did not

prevent us from getting a bit of excitement when a squall hit us and we saw

a number of 'baby waterspouts' starting to form, which luckily did not

touch the water. We even managed to take a few good pictures.

Otherwise all is good on board Hatha Maris, enjoying the supply of fresh

fruit and veggies until they last, and the crew has slipped into the daily

watch routine and the only thing that is missing is some good wind to take

us west!

Hatha Maris