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Dec 6th 2017

Crew member Thalita explains:

Why do I cross the Atlantic?

I have learned you always have two options. Either you stay in Europe through

the winter and freeze or you go to the Caribbean and enjoy "coco locos".

The decision is quite easy. Then there are two options again, you can

either fly to the Caribbean or sail. Why would you want to fly if you can


I’ve sailed across the ocean for last two years and both times I just loved

it. It was not always Deck 4, 2, 5 or sleeping. Sometimes it can get really

tough, soaking wet at 3am, at the end of your watch and you have to change

the jib in rough sea, or cook a meal for your crew mates whilst everything

is just flying around ‘cause of the heeling' (don't even mention sea

sickness). Or you are going crazy just bobbing around in a wind hole for

days and not moving away from the islands.

And then there is another beauty of those crossings. Being in a small boat

with only few other people, using nature to move, staring at the incredible

starry nights or helming under full moon in an open sea... you know what I

am talking about. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve

ever seen (mmmh, maybe not as beautiful as my mountains though). The

endless horizon (even if you only see about 3nm) and cloud formations, the

short chats on the VHF radio with the cargo guys on collision course (yes,

it is a biiiig ocean, but it happens all the time). You get the feeling

there is nothing and nobody around and then suddenly 20 dolphins are

playing on the bow, sailing into the sunset with the full moon rising on

the other side. It’s not only the sailing, it’s a life experience every

time. Learning a lot about sailing, fixing and maintenance (if you sail

with Lyss it is a big part) boat management, cooking/ food (thank you

Sammi), peoples’ behaviour and myself. And if you forgot something or

missing a part, there is no Amazon to deliver the needed parts and

creativity is needed.

It is a challenge every time, you make friends forever and it fills you

with happiness.