Crew member on GBR958R Jangada

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Swell to the left of me. Swell to the right of me. That pretty much

sums up the past 24 hours. There is a gentle 2-3m rolling swell from

the north, fuelled by the low pressure systems. In the opposite

direction from the South East is a small swell, from the SE Trades

perhaps, or is that a little far fetched. On top of that the NE Trades

have started to kick in a little chop from behind. All of which

conspire to knock us off course or collapse the kite. Rupert is now

doing his best to maintain that magic 130 degree wind angle.

Meanwhile I have an irritating nursery song on constant replay in my

head - "We're going this way, that way, over the deep blue sea....."

All I need now is "....a bottle of rum to fill my tum, and that's the

life for me"! Grenada - only 2,180nm to go.

Richard and Rupert