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Day 3

Good afternoon from onboard Lunatix,

First of all, we are all well and everything on board is fine.

Last night started with a bumpy ride along the south side of La Palma, we choose this track after a tiring low pressure zone on the north side of Teneriffa. The plan was to avoid a another mountain made no wind zone. It seem like not many of our competitors choose this track but made their way along the north of La Palma with good speed.

With windspeed of up to 25kn the first half of the night it was quiet intense for the guys on deck and included several times reefing manoveours given to acceleration patches followed by lighter zones.

In the moment we have beautiful upwind sailing conditions with 15kn of windspeed and almost no clouds. Nevertheless this weather patch is not really what you woulexpect from a Atlantic crossing towards the West. But with the nice conditions mentioned, the navigator has no problem to explain to the crew, the upwind sailing may last for a bit longer...

After the intense after start hours and the island hopping style of sailing within the first days, the much cited routine is definitely building onboard Lunatix as well: Questions like "which day is today" as well as the honor our chef Jochen received for smuggling tasty Pasta sauce through the weight check are just some symptoms for that. We look forward to the next days of racing, be it upwind or in the nice downwind conditions which were promised and which we have a slight preference for ;)

The only remaining questions to be decided is the one for the actual day. Though various sources claim we have only been on the water for 48 hours, watch routine and the smell under deck suggest it may have been for a week or longer...

to be continued...