Crew member on GER7475 Lunatix

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Hey Ho from on board Lunatix,

Wind?! Anyone seen any? If so send some over please.. We are not asking for much but a little to keep our Lady moving and the crew in a good mood. The last 24h have been a moral test for anyone on board. Result: Everyone passed, at least so far.

On our way to the trade winds we have to go through a belt of very light winds, thats at least what we hoped for, it turned out to be even less than light. To be exact 0.0kn TWS for a good part of last night and only a very light breeze in the morning hours. The bright sunshine and hot conditions lead to a interesting debate if we would prefer cold weather and wind or stay here in the sunny no wind conditions. No result found here, well no need because we are not moving anyway.

Over the last hour a it looks like a bit of pressure has established and we are able to move again. The S2 is up and we are slowly sailing towards sunset, thats at least the right direction.

Biggest question of the day is: Whats coming up for diner? Rumors occurred that there is a good chance of noodles. (What a surprise, we had noodles for diner in different variations every night so far.) Buuut we figured out what turns all kind of noodles into a delicious meal al la Italia: Cheese, more cheese with a topping of even more cheese and chili powder. Terrible rumors came up that both will run out pretty soon. Which leaves us with the hope of wind, to reach Grenada and a restaurant without noodles!!! But maybe with Bar and some Rum attached..?