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Crew member on FRA36541 Sérénade

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Au départ, on s'est fait avoir à deux reprises par des pétoles au vent de

Tenerife, puis sous le vent de la Palma. Sacrés reliefs.

Puis il y a les aléas techniques, hum... Déjà un spi en moins, le grand


Mardi, dans un peu plus de 20kt de vent, Pit à la barre venait de faire une

pointe à 17kt et je me disais que si ça continuait il allait falloir changé

de spi. 10 minutes plus tard, dans une survente pas très violente, le bateau

est allé tout droit mais le spi est descendu tout seul.

Opération tête de mat mercredi matin dans le petit temps pour aller

récupérer la têtière ballottante.

Depuis hier minuit, on se bagarre contre le petit temps... 3 à 8 kt de vent.

Je crains que ce soit encore très mou toute la journée de jeudi encore.

Tout va bien à bord.

Denis Villotte


Crew Member on MLT7777 Windfall

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Hello there.

All going well so far and the atmosphere onboard is nice and relaxed, today is the 4th racing day and even if the first 36 hours was not very comfortable due to the wind, the boat is still in a very good shape. Sophie is keeping the race enjoyable hour by hour thanks to her magic chef ability. The crew did a great job changing sails and jibing mostly in night time when the moon was not always clear from clouds. The tuition goes very well even if the first 36 hours, as said, have been not very comfortable to do paper jobs below deck... Now the use of the sextant becomes friendly for everyone, even if the gps is winning the bet (it's much cheaper and easier to use!) the expectation now is for cloudy days so the "astral machine" will have some rest in her box..

We just met Lupa in the middle of nowhere and our conversation has been about Nomad, we both are glad to know that the crew is ok and both sorry about them to retire, but we like let you know that most of the vhf conversation has been about the lunch menu!

Crew member on FRA26 Sensation Class 40

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After three days of racing, the boat and crew are doing well. The first day was a little tough since we had to learn to manage the boat and organize life on it, sailing upwind. We've passed North of Tenerifa were the Pico de Teide was showing his Majesty on the top of its 3717m, covered by snow. What a wonderful view. A couple of dolphins also stopped nearby the boat to say hello and good luck.

In the meanwhile the crew is very well organized and the shifts are beating the rythm of activities. Downwind since we left the canarian island, the crew is in good shape, busy with some minor repairs. In terms of food, everything is also set on green. Today we've got St Nectaire for the apero, enjoying the local food of our crew members.

Sensation Class 40

Attached file : today's dinner.

Crew Member on MLT7777 Windfall

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All good on board! We are sailing with full main and A2 in 16-18 kts from 75°-80°. Tonight we gybed, temporary abandoning our initial plan to sail northern of the rhumb line towards the high pressure. Wind proved to be slightly different than forecasted and a delayed gennaker peel slightly slowed down the progress overnight.

Lupa of London with a more generous wardrobe is proving to be a very tough competitor. They are sailing well and they are very fast in lighter air, even faster than us when they can deploy code zero, as they successfully did in the first part of the course. Francesco Mongelli (Navigator) recognizes next 2 days will be difficult against Lupa but towards the end of the week, a stronger breeze should allow Windfall to sail faster.

Every member of crew is very busy: sailing is only one of the activity on board. Vieri Mannucci , RYA instructor on board, is pushing his pupils hard and they are behaving well fighting to achieve the Ocean Yacht Master. When Vieri relaxes or rests, Francesco Mongelli kicks in with his routage and performance navigation training!

Rhythm on board is not only dictated by the natural elements, but by Sophie (the chef and hostess) too. Chef’s fantastic meals explain themselves the sentence “racing in comfort”.