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Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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All okay here, but we’ve been getting very frustrated with the lack of wind, and that the wind we are getting is very fluky even. However we are finally able to head south now we are sailing in a north easterly breeze after sailing in vey light south easterlies over the last couple of days.

On board our insulating mugs are now leaking which makes keeping the caffeine levels high a bit of a dripping challenge. The limes that’s Chris’s Mum insisted we bought along to stop us getting scurvy is making our desalinated water taste good, and the Spanish cake that my Mum baked for us is yummy!

My Mum has also challenged Chris to learn Welsh by the time we land in Grenada so we’ve been trying to learn a couple of new words a day. Today’s word was a three for one word. ‘Hwyl’ – which means sail, fun, and bye in Welsh. Proving my point that Welsh is actually a very easy language to learn. Much easier than learning sailing language anyway ...

We’re wondering if the Concise and Phaedo boys are already sipping rum in Grenada as we tuck into our freeze dried porridge ...

Ciao for now

Elin & Chris

Crew member on 03 Phaedo 3

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The pirates on Phaedo3 are still being relentlessly pursued by the British

Navy...We are just out of cannon shot, but any slip up in our sail handling

and we will be seeing the might of our blue pursuers...They are surely

pushing as hard to catch us, as we are to stay ahead of them. Every schedule

is showing 28,29 or 30 knots of speed. We are not holding back at all..

Carving our way through the waves like a skier through a mogul field.

Following the liquid terrain to harmonize boat speed. Heel angle and

apparent wind angle, to keep out speed constant through the ever-changing

waterscape in front of our 3 bows...Trying not to fly the main hull or stuff

the bows.. And generally doing the former will precipitate the latter....

Everyone is driving fantastically, and Henry has taken on the mantle of a

young Padawan, learning to be a Jedi of downwind sailing. I have to be the

Jedi master, in a Musto cassock... Its the ideal training ground for a young

Padwan - 2000 miles of downwind blasting... We are over half way now from

the Cape Verdes to the Caribbean, less than 1000 to the finish...Pedro even

popped open a drinking bottle of “Berocca” water to celebrate.. You had to

be there to appreciate the magic.... after yhat he gave his teeth a good


Last night, despite saving several flying fish from the net, one came

hurtling at me from the bow, closing speed about 40 knots and got me full on

the Adams Apple... lucky it was a small one.. Still…. put him back in the

sea - a learner flyer clearly., just an accident...

Anyway, time for a nap and another good shaking in the bunk.

That’s all from the good ship Phaedo3

Crew member on GBR132 Silvi Belle 2

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update from the boys:

A good and interesting last 36 hours on Silvi Belle 2

It started with a glassy calm sea and the boat alternating between going nowhere and sailing slowly around in circles. We finally picked up some breeze with a steady angle around 4 in the morning and were able to start moving southwards but with big shifts and light patches as well

The breeze built throughout the day and we counld see that the whole fleet had the same problems, it's always nice to know it is not just you. Since then we've been concentrating on getting south and also getting the crew settled into the race after the busy first days of the start. For all the crew this is their first Class 40 reace so it is a learning experience.

Overnight we had a nice breeze of 15-18kts and a flat sea so the boat went really well, allowing all on board to get some good rest and the watch system is now really established.

Today is all about timing the gybe for what looks like a long drag to the west. It looks like being some time this afternoon, certainly before nightfall.

Life on board is good and of course it is getting warmer.

Talles 2 is just behind having caught up as expected. We were a bit quicker than them overnight which was nice, and it is nice to have someone to look at in the days ahead, hopefully we can keep pushing them as we head off west.


Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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Eight years ago today (2/12/07), I started my row across the Atlantic, from La Gomera to Antigua. A journey that took 77 days. Yesterday we got caught in a wind hole, which made me worry that this crossing was also going to take 77 days. That would have been a major issues given that we’ve only packed enough food for 21 days (assuming we can stomach eating the dog food/ meatballs!).

Luckily the wind picked up again last night and with the help of our Code 0, and then our A2, we’re now on the move again.

Hard to believe that six months ago I had never helmed down wind with a spinnaker, and now I’m helming down wind across the Atlantic at speeds of up to 11kts (and loving it!) with Chris fast asleep below deck. Okay, the fact that he’s fast asleep might be more to do with extreme exhaustion rather than complete confidence, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!

It’s major credit to Chris for having the patience to teach me, and for putting together our 2H campaign this season (with help from his Dad, thanks Roger). It’s obvious to say that if he’d raced the season with Mike, Kev, Tim or one of his other mates, he would have been able to compete far more competitively, rather than coaching me. But it’s fair to say for both of us that we’ve had so much fun so far this year, and this race across the pond so far is also proving to be an amazing experience which makes both of us grin from ear to ear. Thanks RORC for the opportunity.

Elin & Chris