Crew member on FRA26 Sensation Class 40

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After three days of racing, the boat and crew are doing well. The first day was a little tough since we had to learn to manage the boat and organize life on it, sailing upwind. We've passed North of Tenerifa were the Pico de Teide was showing his Majesty on the top of its 3717m, covered by snow. What a wonderful view. A couple of dolphins also stopped nearby the boat to say hello and good luck.

In the meanwhile the crew is very well organized and the shifts are beating the rythm of activities. Downwind since we left the canarian island, the crew is in good shape, busy with some minor repairs. In terms of food, everything is also set on green. Today we've got St Nectaire for the apero, enjoying the local food of our crew members.

Sensation Class 40

Attached file : today's dinner.