Crew member on GBR23N Lupa of London

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Day 5 and we were glad to see sunrise.

The smell of bacon sandwiches perked up our spirits as it was a tough night

with light moist squalls but the flip side was the first shower of the trip

for some of us. Pressing on with 4 on 4 off watches. All eight of us have

helmed. Vivacious spirits are felt by all despite having had to make several

running repairs to the A4 and to nurse the wounded cruising main. The crew

have done a great job in keeping Lupa rumbling along, although Windfall has

slipped by in the night.

Caribbean weather is slowly creeping upon us and all round tans are growing

stronger by the day.

Earlier today keen-eyed cheffy spotted two whales. By the height and volume

of blowhole spray it was guessed their species to be Pilot, alas they were

someway from the boat and headed in the opposite direction so a positive

species confirmation was not possible.