Crew Member on MLT7777 Windfall

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All good on board! We are sailing with full main and A2 in 16-18 kts from 75°-80°. Tonight we gybed, temporary abandoning our initial plan to sail northern of the rhumb line towards the high pressure. Wind proved to be slightly different than forecasted and a delayed gennaker peel slightly slowed down the progress overnight.

Lupa of London with a more generous wardrobe is proving to be a very tough competitor. They are sailing well and they are very fast in lighter air, even faster than us when they can deploy code zero, as they successfully did in the first part of the course. Francesco Mongelli (Navigator) recognizes next 2 days will be difficult against Lupa but towards the end of the week, a stronger breeze should allow Windfall to sail faster.

Every member of crew is very busy: sailing is only one of the activity on board. Vieri Mannucci , RYA instructor on board, is pushing his pupils hard and they are behaving well fighting to achieve the Ocean Yacht Master. When Vieri relaxes or rests, Francesco Mongelli kicks in with his routage and performance navigation training!

Rhythm on board is not only dictated by the natural elements, but by Sophie (the chef and hostess) too. Chef’s fantastic meals explain themselves the sentence “racing in comfort”.