Crew member on USA118 Oakcliff Racing

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Ocean racing is really an amazing thing...first off sorry we are behind on the updates, the first few days on board are always the toughest, the body is not used to the sleep schedule, and the mind is not used to so much time to think. it's 8:53 on day 4 and we are all beginning to embrace the amazing opportunity we have. Day 1 was out of the gates quick to be greeted by 25 knots up wind in 5 m waves...To give an idea of the conditions I'll quote a crew member " I can't wait to get an office job". Day 2 was the start of the downwind work which we have been enjoying since. Day 3 we took a jibe south to consolidate with the fleet and ensure we are in the developing trades..the dive meant a position hit, but it needed to happen. Overnight we jibed back onto starboard and crossed within 200 m of Yacana, a swan 68. We have forgone fishing for birds at the moment as we are anticipating new frontal zones...only kidding about the fishing...for birds.