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Oakcliff Racing. Happy Birthday OD!

TWS: 11knts

TWA: 145°m

BSP: 8.2knts

VMG Sailing.

The weather conditions are beautiful out here 75° sunny and a flat sea. If we were greedy we'd ask for more wind and a more favorable direction but beggers can't be choosers. We are taking this opportunity to air the boat out a bit and rid it of the smell developed since the start. Today was a big moment for us as we checked off the first 1000nm of the trip, 1000 down 2000 to go. Additionally we had a bit of a fire drill at midnight as we celebrated OD's birthday! A wake up by flashing lights and the Beatles "Birthday" blasting on the speaker lasted for all of 2 mins as we decided sleep was the priority. So this one goes out to you old man, we're lucky to have you aboard, Happy Birthday!