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TWS: 17.5knts

TWA: 150m

COG: 300

Gybe Onboard Oakcliff Racing

Well, we did it. After 24 hours of sitting in 1st in class 3rd on projected line honors and 3rd overall we are headed back north to consolidate with the fleet. It's a necessary evil we think and it probably means sailing ourselves lower in the leaderboard. It's import to remind ourselves that this is a 3000nm race and we are only 1325nm through. The idea is that we are setting ourselves up to be the first to get north should the Azores high stay well developed with strong winds. We'll see! Should that not happen, well, we need to do some 'northing' anyways. Hopefully tomorrow's check-in will be that we are over the hill (halfway home). Until then, we'll stay out here and you stay in front of your computers and we'll just keep on keeping on.