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TWS 20.6knts

TWA 105

BSP 14knts

It's been awhile since our last check-In so this one is going to be awesome. Yesterday morning as we were cursing along we passed the 1500nm road marker, we're halfway there! As if to serve as a reminder that this is far from over, shortly after, the masthead kite halyard let go and we spent the next 20mins getting that sorted. The good news is that the kite wasn't damaged, and it was back up shortly with very few miles lost. As for the halyard, the tylaska failed and luckily didn't get sucked into the rig so Chris was able to whip up a soft shackle to replace it! Good work team! A few hours later the breeze began to build and we were off! With a top speed of 26.4knts we were making good progress back on the fleet after dropping in standings with our decision to take a hitch north. The last 24 hours have been incredible sailing with smiles all around. The next 36 look like they should be the same and with any luck our next check in will be at the sub 1000nm mark. Current routing suggests that the final 750nm could be tricky with 10-15knt VMG running in store.

We'd all like to take a second to thank our friends and families whom have reached out to offer support throughout the race! It's great to know so many of you are following along at home.

Oakcliff Racing standing by.