Crew member on BEL606 Zed 6

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Just jibed, at last we are not heading NNW anymore. Finally sailing on a


approchant" as we say in French.

Wind is,... as forecasted with any good program ;-) it turned 120° TWD, and

will keep on

turning right gently for the next 24 h, then accelarate brutally its

rotation for a

classical front passage, somewhere 33N 32 W in about 45 hours. We should

then tack to

another 400 miles SB tack before leaving this north route and start a long

broad reaching

to Grenada. What make situtation for the next 48 hours somewhat easy is

that both ECWF

and GFS are quiet similar, routings are perfectly overlaying.

The boat is fantastic! Very fast, and very sensible to any tuning. We stay

very safe, sheets off the self-tailing and mostly in hands all the time. So

it is a bit more demanding than a class4O.

We got the posmaxsea this morning, MODs are in the trades, 200 NM closer

than us to finish, it will be interesting to see how many days they will

lead us in the end. And who knows?...

Just heard that Gonzalo stopped in the Canaries for a rudder repair and

re-started? That's good news, we have similar speeds on some angles, so it

is important for us to have her as a benchmark on both sides of the ridge.

All well on board.