Crew member on GBR132 Silvi Belle 2

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update from the boys:

A good and interesting last 36 hours on Silvi Belle 2

It started with a glassy calm sea and the boat alternating between going nowhere and sailing slowly around in circles. We finally picked up some breeze with a steady angle around 4 in the morning and were able to start moving southwards but with big shifts and light patches as well

The breeze built throughout the day and we counld see that the whole fleet had the same problems, it's always nice to know it is not just you. Since then we've been concentrating on getting south and also getting the crew settled into the race after the busy first days of the start. For all the crew this is their first Class 40 reace so it is a learning experience.

Overnight we had a nice breeze of 15-18kts and a flat sea so the boat went really well, allowing all on board to get some good rest and the watch system is now really established.

Today is all about timing the gybe for what looks like a long drag to the west. It looks like being some time this afternoon, certainly before nightfall.

Life on board is good and of course it is getting warmer.

Talles 2 is just behind having caught up as expected. We were a bit quicker than them overnight which was nice, and it is nice to have someone to look at in the days ahead, hopefully we can keep pushing them as we head off west.