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Yesterday did not end well!

It started to go badly at dinner time. To supplement our freeze dried meals we bought some “fresh” stuff. Last night’s dinner was going to be meatballs! With a ‘Leon meatball lunchbox’ in mind I was rather excited! As soon as I opened it however I realised I was in for bitter disappointment. I smelt and looked like dog food. Even after heating up it didn’t get better, and promptly after eating them I began to vomit.

Luckily (?!) the wind had dropped right down, so we were able to make the most of the down time and Chris made the most of chance to catch up with sleep and I got to vomit in peace.

Over the last 24 hours we’ve had 4 headsail peels. Which is seriously hard work with just two of us and an auto helm that can’t cope with these condition. Annoyingly we managed to rip our pink A2 during the drop, and had to spend a considerable amount of time doing a repair. Magic Kev (from North Sails) who provided us with our sail repair kit is now our bestest friend ever!

No other news to report other than porridge this morning tasted damn good!

Elin & Chris