Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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Eight years ago today (2/12/07), I started my row across the Atlantic, from La Gomera to Antigua. A journey that took 77 days. Yesterday we got caught in a wind hole, which made me worry that this crossing was also going to take 77 days. That would have been a major issues given that we’ve only packed enough food for 21 days (assuming we can stomach eating the dog food/ meatballs!).

Luckily the wind picked up again last night and with the help of our Code 0, and then our A2, we’re now on the move again.

Hard to believe that six months ago I had never helmed down wind with a spinnaker, and now I’m helming down wind across the Atlantic at speeds of up to 11kts (and loving it!) with Chris fast asleep below deck. Okay, the fact that he’s fast asleep might be more to do with extreme exhaustion rather than complete confidence, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!

It’s major credit to Chris for having the patience to teach me, and for putting together our 2H campaign this season (with help from his Dad, thanks Roger). It’s obvious to say that if he’d raced the season with Mike, Kev, Tim or one of his other mates, he would have been able to compete far more competitively, rather than coaching me. But it’s fair to say for both of us that we’ve had so much fun so far this year, and this race across the pond so far is also proving to be an amazing experience which makes both of us grin from ear to ear. Thanks RORC for the opportunity.

Elin & Chris