Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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All okay here, but we’ve been getting very frustrated with the lack of wind, and that the wind we are getting is very fluky even. However we are finally able to head south now we are sailing in a north easterly breeze after sailing in vey light south easterlies over the last couple of days.

On board our insulating mugs are now leaking which makes keeping the caffeine levels high a bit of a dripping challenge. The limes that’s Chris’s Mum insisted we bought along to stop us getting scurvy is making our desalinated water taste good, and the Spanish cake that my Mum baked for us is yummy!

My Mum has also challenged Chris to learn Welsh by the time we land in Grenada so we’ve been trying to learn a couple of new words a day. Today’s word was a three for one word. ‘Hwyl’ – which means sail, fun, and bye in Welsh. Proving my point that Welsh is actually a very easy language to learn. Much easier than learning sailing language anyway ...

We’re wondering if the Concise and Phaedo boys are already sipping rum in Grenada as we tuck into our freeze dried porridge ...

Ciao for now

Elin & Chris