Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

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Chris has had enough. He says can’t take it anymore. The combination of my smelly deck shoes and bad cooking has got to him! Last night I cooked Smash and a tin of Spanish chorizo and beans. He said the combination caused a chemical reaction which gave him a concrete block the size of an elephant in his abdomen. He says he’s cooking from now on #result!

The wind has become more steady, in strength and direction. We’ve put in a couple of peels and a few gybes to use the wind shifts to keep in the best wind channel (we hope!). The autohelm is now also able to handle the conditions much better with our A4 in the sky.

Where we had been enjoying the moon for the previous nights, last night was completely pitch black. You couldn’t see anything other than the wind instruments. Bombing forwards at 9-10kts into such complete darkness is quiet disconcerting. At least when I was rowing I was only travelling at 2-3kts ... backwards!

Rumour has it that Chris is going to write the blog tomorrow ...

Elin & Chris