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Please find below news from Nomad IV to publish on the blog with the picture attached :

From Nomad IV :

After a correct departure, we hesitated between the Northern and the southern way until the last moment, so that we moved a littlle too much to the West for the Southern route.

So we reached the southern route with the wind on the beam, that preventing us increasing our advance in the race.

Today we are stopped by a no-wind weather but we keep our spirits up.

Our russian guests were permitted to use a troll-line and miracle ! they did fished a dolphinfish !

We are now trying to leave this no-wind area at a speed of 3 knots, without Code Zero as we chose this IRC Jauge option.

We hope the other nice competitors behind won't sail faster.

More than ever, the race is going on !

From Jean Paul RIVIERE - 30-Nov-2015 - 3.00 pm.