Crew member on MLT100 Nomad IV

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Hello Everybody !

We are now sailing in the trade winds, and we hope they will be the hardest possible to warp the 56 tons of Nomad IV.

Our purpose is to get the honour line with 200 nautical miles of advance ; we are actually in good progress for that.

This morning, we learnt that the RORC predicted the first over all place ; joy on board !

But everything remains to be done, first of all to finish about 700 NM ahead of Walkirie, who did the best sailing departure, and who has been designed for this classification. Windfall is not so far behind.

On the operating side, it is not th at easier ; we are sailing with 1 400 m² of sails ; watch out for nonsense !

Life onboard is now easier ; less heeling ; more sun. We are all satisfied with the ambience on board and of to take part to this race.

"Bises" to our families and fair wind to our competitors !

Jean Paul Rivière - 03-dec-2015 - 10h16 am.