Campagne de France FRA147 Tuesday Morning

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Campagne de France is ghosting along in wind speed of 1 to 5 knots, occasionally gusting 7 kts, wind direction shifting around by 60 degrees. Dark moonless night and not a soul in sight. It's quite peaceful, dry and not cold. Path (Baltic 112) occasionally appears on AIS some 17 miles north of us. I'm not sure what life is like on board for them, but I'm fairly certain they didn't dine on freeze-dried food straight out of the packaging, and there are probably several people on watch.

After the rather busy start to the race with multiple sail changes and manoeuvres to get through and away from the Canaries and various evil clouds, we are now catching up on food and sleep. At this speed, it's going to be a long race!

Miranda - Campagne de France