Campagne de France FRA147 Wednesday Evening

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Campagne de France continued to be pestered by large wind-sucking cloud systems for much of the night and early morning, until 4 sail changes and a lot of persistence set the boat free from the last tenacious cell shortly after sunrise - the only one left on the horizon - staying resolutely close enough to mess up the feeble breeze.
And now we are heading for a front, which means upwind, which means bad temper on board as there is a firm belief on this boat that sailing upwind in anything over 12 knots should be banned.
Nevertheless, wind at last and it's building along with a southeasterly swell crossing the existing northerly swell. Wet on deck, overcast and miles in the right direction.
This morning we were visited by a large whale, surfacing several times alongside the boat. The thrill of seeing such an extraordinary creature so close was slightly tinged with apprehension, the whale being several sizes larger and more solid than Campagne de France.