Leopard Blog 1st December

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2016 rtr Leopard 01dec drone close

What a night! Almost every sail we have took a share of a battering as 80 degree windshifts and windspeeds ranging from 6 to 40 demanding at least 12 sail changes. Leopard never knew what the fuss was all about!!! Now into more stable conditions charging along at 16 to 20 knots still hoping for line honours, but the record will be won or lost by a matter of minutes. Once again the drone caused excitement reaching huge heights taking fab photos. We need to finish by 6 december at 1900 gmt, 1500 local time. After last night we all need a rum or two but will have to wait . 1500 nms to go. Long 

2016 rtr Leopard 01dec crew onboard

2016 rtr Leopard 01dec drone far

Images: © Kolja Frase