Crew member on GER7475 Lunatix

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Hello from Lunatix, on direct route to Grenada!

Both Crew an boat are doing well and enjoy brilliant sailing conditions for a few days now! After the upwind week it´s a pleasure to sail in winds between 15 to 25 knots and downwind sails have been up since Friday morning straight.

The on board routine is shifting with more attention to be paid, more crew being deployed at deck, just in case wipe-outs occuring in the sometimes bumpy conditions. Since todays dinner we know: There is no worse point of time for a first class wipe-out (including the boom almost halfway underwater) than the moment when dinner is served in half open bowls. It also told us the story of flying freeze dried noodles EVERYWHERE in the cockpit!

Since being in the trade winds another spectacle entertains us during the watch hours: Dozens of flying fish sometime appear out of nowhere and fly through the air, over the deck and sometimes unlucky pilots hit the cockpit which leaves us to rescue them as quick as possible, sometimes we are not sure if the flying fish emergency troops are fast enough to get all of them in time, sorry!! However an evil attack of one of those flying fish against our helmsman last night, hitting him right into the legs proofs: They are out for no good, so watch out guys.

Another battle has begun about the individual speed records for the guys on the helm with the leader board being refreshed every other hour.

Indeed these games help us to deal with the distance to sail still being quiet long given the fact we are already more than a week in that race! So a high downwind performance is all we need right now!