Crew member on ITA15111 Hatha Maris

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Tuesday, December 5th 2017

Another long or short night (depends of the point of view) is behind us and

a beautiful morning welcomes us to another day in the Atlantic. Finally

good wind (15kn from the quarter) is moving us closer to our destination at

a more reasonable speed (averaging 6+ kn lately). The big swell keeps us

awake whilst at the helm (I love to surf on it, but I don’t like those

erratic side kicks), and helps us fall asleep when in our bunk… I feel more

and more comfortable by the day to sail Hatha Maris through the ocean.

And you may wonder, what we are doing beside sailing, sleeping, eating, or


It may be just a 40 feet boat, but put a bunch of crazy girls on Hatha

Maris and it suddenly feels like a big cruise liner: Welcome on Deck 4, our

crafts desk; Is there something to fix? is there some technical stuff to

do? do you want to create a new fancy bracelet using lines? Join us on Deck

4. Do you need a massage, wanna do some fitness or yoga? Then Deck 2 is

your place! Of course our Sun Deck is open the whole day. Should you wish

taking a bath in our thousand miles wide pool, please help yourself to Deck

5 (or was it Deck 6? Can’t remember…), no need to ask our butler, the pool

is always open during daytime. And today we actually welcomed all our crew

members on Deck 2 for a much needed shower! It was really time now. The

dirty laundry instead can be dropped at the reception. surely someone will

deal with it...or not?!?

Being so close together in a confined space like a small boat really does

make you more creative. We are never bored, there is always something to do

when we are 'off duty'. For Thalita it’s sleeping, Francesca is studying

hard for her Yachtmaster, Sam instead takes care of her herbs garden down

below, whilst Lyssi has always something to fix and to check whether we are

still in the right direction towards Grenada. As for myself, I read a

book, sunbathe or nap. What else… I’m on Deck 4, where else!


Ps. The Dolphins visited us yesterday evening again! We love them. And the

flying fishes are all around us. I am just waiting, till the first one

jumps onto our boat, people say they are very smelly