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Dec 6th 2017

Santa Claus day, or how we call it in Switzerland - Samichlaus

Nicole and I had what I call the ‘sleep in’ watch (from 3 to 6am and

then off till 10am). Breakfast, helming, have a chat with the other crew

mates, clean up the cabin, getting excited to hoist the gennaker later


Today is shower and laundry day - really necessary again. Back on the

stern on Deck 2, the Wellness Deck, a queue builds up for the shower.

Lyss is hanging outside the lifeline and throwing buckets of refreshing

25 degree sea water over herself, Nicole takes her time and enjoys a

Hammam in the very private shower area whilst singing, Sammi is happy to

be able to finally wash her hair again and rinse it with fresh water and

Francesca is getting a whole spa treatment with pedicure including nail

polish, body scrub and face mask (she was so happy) whilst I just have a

quick shower as always and wash my hair by putting my head into the

bucket. Today is a good day, everybody is happy and now also smells


Lyss wanted to introduce me to Brian (the bilge). So we opened up the

bilge and o-ohhh - full of water! This was not much fun. Quickly we

opened up the whole boat and …. you will know tomorrow how it ends.. So

we decided no more introductions for the day and to leave the meeting as

a one day stand, :-).

Early in evening I could also hear Santa Claus. Yes, he came all the way

from the Swiss forest to bring us our little ‘Samichlaus Sackjini’. For

all the non-Swiss, Santa Claus in Switzerland does not show up on

Christmas. He has his own day on December 6th. Everybody got a little

Samichlaus bag full of treats and I was as happy as little kids are.

Never cook pasta for Italians I have been told! But I wanted to learn

how to cook it properly and decided - tonight is Carbonara night.

Francesca gave me all the right advice and, at the end, on the tricky

part, a hand. At this point I should mention that it is not easy to cook

even when the boat is not heeling very much. We lost about ten eggs this

night. First the bowl with the eggs and parmesan ready for the pasta

flew into the sink, so we got some more out of the cupboard, (shh...a

few broken ones in there too!). Second time, just before putting the

eggs into the pasta the boat heeled suddenly, — swear words in swiss

dialect wich I can not write down — and the whole bowl flew over my hand

and leg and onto the floor. Oh well, will do better next time!

And then it was already night again and we were back on the short


good night