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Jangada - 7 days since race start.

Position: 24.0N 24.5W

Distance sailed: 939nm

Distance made good: 640nm

Average course speed: 3.8kn

7 days since we started and we have finally made it over the top of the

hill and running down to the finish line.

With an average course speed of 3.8kn it's been a long slow climb up

that hill. We normally reckon on around 5.5kn for course speed (average

boat speed + extra distance sailed for optimum routes).

It was 48 hours ago that we made the decision to turn south. The

European weather models that we have been using predicted an opportunity

to pass over the ridge with light northerly winds and no big "park up"

stuck in the middle of a High. The forecast was spot on. The pressure

is now falling and we have an 8kn NE breeze, champagne sailing!

Code 0 flying to speed us south towards the more consistent and stronger

breezes. Our heading due south is 60 degrees off course - a pain we have

to suffer now to pick up those Trade Winds.

Although we are leading IRC Class 2, and the two-handed boats, we are

currently 13th in IRC overall. The wind shadow north of Tenerife was

not kind to us and is reflected in our ranking. However there are still

three boats north of the ridge that need to get south. There is also a

pack of five IRC0/1 boats up to 300nm ahead. With 2,200nm still to go

the race is still on. The IRC0 fleet are probably out of reach now, but

it would be nice to claim a few scalps from the IRC1 fleet.

Time to change spinnakers...

Richard & Rupert