Crew Member on GER5676 Outsider

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Day 4 on Outsider. Everyone on Board is in good spirits. While the early part of the race quickly brought some testing conditions with many sail changes and good speeds, everything now has calmed down. We are currently going upwind in flat water. We enjoy the Stars and the moon at night and work hard every minute to keep the boat going fast. The question remains: how much more upwind must be done until we find the Tradewinds? Todays talk aboard has been about 3 Things we want for such a trip: Tabasco/Toiletpaper/salted almonds versus 3 things you don't need: coins in your pocket for Cigarettes, a Return Ticket booked for the 6.12. and someone repeatedly humming that annoying Soundtrack from Starwars.

Cheers from the pocket Rocketship Outsider