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First 24h


After an early morning wake up and getting last few things done we finally sailed to the start line, ye-haaa off we are. Weather forecast for the start: big swell and 20kts of wind. Reality: It took us and the rest of the fleet forever to cross the start line and keep the boats moving - 5kts wind and of course from the wrong direction. It was quite a challenge for our skipper Lyssandra to keep the boat moving and at the same time stay away from the others and avoid a collision.

Finally we got a little breeze and gybed our way down the coast of Lanzarote. Everybody had to fight to move the boats either with Spinnakers up or not. We were flying our Gennaker for the first time, till it got dark and everybody did a great job. Classical situation, the wind picks up as soon as the night sets in. We had good 20kts and quite a big swell. Great sailing! Nicole, is at her first bluewater experience and she was so fascinated from all the fluorescent plankton, not only in the wake of the boat, but also when you flush the toilets!!!

Nicole and I are in the same shift. And swisslies like to have a nice breakfast. She this morning she cut some fresh fruits and prepared a nice muesli. Unfortunately we had strong wind and 4m swell from the side. ooooooooh and ups. Yes! As you know bowls with food do not stay at their place on a boat unless you hold them. Fruit salad on the floor :-0 

I started with a forecast story and i will end with another one. All the forecasts said there would be a big wind-hole north of Tenerife (due to the southerly wind). hahahha. We had to put 2 reefs in 25kts of wind and 30 degree heel. I Like this kind of wind-holes, smile. Now we passed Tenerife and are heading south.

Nice healthy fresh salad made by skipper on deck all together and sailing into the sunset.

Everybody is getting used to be on the boat and to the watch system.

Oooh now I have to go, have to cook dinner tonight -

Thalita and Hatha Maris Crew.