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2018 Entries

 Boat NameBoat TypeOwner/Skipper Name
 2018 rtr entry blacksheep Black Sheep Sun Fast 3600 Trevor Middleton
  2017 rfr hydra pw Hydra Class40 Henrik Bergesen
  2018 rtr entry kali Kali First 47.7 Benedikt Clauberg
  Kuka 3 Cookson 50 Franco Niggeler
 2018 rtr entry powerplay PowerPlay MOD 70 Peter Cunningham
  2016 scarletoyster tw Scarlet Oyster Oyster 48 Ross Applebey
2018 vac sunrise rt  Sunrise Jpk 11.80 Thomas Kneen / James Davies
  Xtra Staerk XP 44 Arto Linnervuo

Expressions of interest

The following boats have expressed their interest to enter the 2018 RORC Transatlantic Race:

 Boat NameBoat TypeOwner/Skipper Name
  2018 rc600 earendil tw Eärendil Class40 Catherine Pourre
  Emily of Cowes Elan 450 Richard Oswald
2018 rtr kallima expression  Kallima Swan 82 Performance Yacht Charter
  2018 rtr morningglory expression Morning Glory Reichel Pugh 86 Performance Yacht Charter
  2018 rtr oceanbreeze expression Ocean Breeze Volvo 70 Performance Yacht Charter
  2018 rtr patanegra expression tw Pata Negra Marc Lombard IRC 46 Performance Yacht Charter
 2018 rorc transatlantic expression Swan Umiko Umiko Swan 80 Umiko Sailing