Crew Member on GBR3671L Spirit of Adventure

As with every distance ocean race the first 24hours is a bit of a shock to the system, you step off a transatlantic flight and spend the next two days shaking off jet lag while going through a vigorous training aboard the boat. Most of the crew aboard the boat had sailed aboard the boat before so it was not the normal steep learning curve that we have for some of our adventures.

The start was delayed for 24hours, a good decision by the race committee not to start a transatlantic race with potential damages on the first day. The weather system left behind a very violent ocean state that some of the crew had difficulty with but all recovered well and are now having the time of their life.

On Friday we were sailing along when a squall came through with monsoon like rains for an hour and a half. The boat surged to 15kts of boat speed - which unfortunately blew up the light air spinnaker and has left the boat without a masthead kite. The crew quickly made lemonade from lemons and soon the soap and shampoo came out and everyone enjoyed a much needed shower which left us all in good spirits.

Our crew is doing very well overall, remember we did not enter this race with a boat load of pros like the other boats have. Our race is more of an adventurous endeavour; taking an amateur crew across the Atlantic, an endeavour very few Canadians will ever get to experience; Joes against the Pros as they say. So we are happy that our crew is safe, pushing themselves and working together to get to Grenada.

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