Orange Alert for 1500 UTC

RORC Racing Manager, Nick Elliott. Credit: RORC/James MitchellRORC Racing Manager, Nick Elliott has been monitoring the weather situation since yesterday's postponement to the start of the RORC Transatlantic Race. At 1000 UTC, five hours before the new start time, the conclusion was that the race was very likely to start at 1500 UTC.

“We have seen the predicted shift in the wind to the northwest offshore and conditions have improved significantly from around the marina. However, we are still seeing gusty conditions and expect to see winds gusting from the northwest in excess of 30 knots this morning. As the day goes on, we expect the wind speed to decrease significantly by early evening, through the night and into Sunday morning, perhaps to 15 to 20 knots. The scheduled start at 1500 UTC is looking very likely. The fleet should be nicely sheltered in the lee of Lanzarote to raise their sails. The start will be right in front of Puerto Calero Marina and set off on a broad reach south.”

The fleet are fitted with YB Trackers and you can watch them from start to finish on the Tracking page of the minisite: click here to view.

Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas