Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak


I have been inundated with ideas on how to improve my hearing from olive oil to offers of grand parents hearing aids. However I have chosen to ignore these suggestions so I can continue to enjoy a level of peace and quiet on this trip.

As Elin has spent 155 days of her life aboard rowing boats living on nothing other than freeze dried food I had expected the level of catering to improve once we moved onto our freeze dried rations however I was sorely disappointed as I was presented with Chicken Korma soup last evening. Not the standard of curry night I am used to.

Highlight of the day was devising a new preventer system I was very excited but surprised by Elin’s comment “you mad duck”. Apparently a preventer system is not something normal people get excited by ...

Being pushed along today by strong NE breeze getting very bored of TWD of 80 degrees mind and starting to wish we had a yacht that would go down the 180 freeway.

We sailed past a French yacht yesterday who chatted on VHF for a while and said how Grande Nunatak looked. Have to say she feels a little Petite compared to the other competitors in this race. Has everyone else finished yet?

I really can’t get bored of the flying fish displays we see regularly. Although a couple of them have had the misfortune of landing on deck. Elin’s not been so great at getting them back to sea in time to save them.

Off to do some sailing

Chris (& Elin)

Pure Grenada
Calero Marinas
Port Louis Marina