Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

Yesterday was an amazing day surfing under the A4. I won fastest surf, getting an 11.6 surf in while Chris only got an 11kts surf in! Yeah! #SmallThings

Chris’s Welsh lessons haven’t progressed much last few days as we probably realised that it was more important to concentrate on my sailing lessons. Having said that he’s very good at saying “Dwi yn hoffi coffi.” Talking of which, we’re getting close to having a critical shortage of coffee on board, which really could be a major disaster as both Chris and I are very grumpy without a constant supply of caffeine.

We’re eating down the miles and getting very ready for Grenada, some rum, fun and beer (as promised by Louay). To be fair my hair has been ready for the Caribbean fun for days with afro dreadlocks well and truly in place.

Chris is shouting for his lunch so I best go muster something

Ciao for now

Elin & Chris

Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas