Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

Well it’s been a funny old time here. Wind is just ever so slightly too high for us to be able to fly our kites safely (especially in pitch black nights). We’re therefore going dead down wind just on black sails, and seem to be ticking off the miles okay. Less than a 1000 miles to go ...

We’re down to sharing one cup of coffee between us at morning and night.

In other random news, last night while on watch, I was admiring the stars when an UFO certainly appeared, and started circling around us. It stayed with us for ages, with bright colours of red, green and white. Petrified I was about to call on Chris (thinking he might have to rescue me from being abducted by aliens), the UFO promptly disappeared again, and the only thing left in the night’s sky was the boat’s windex and tricolour ...

Yes. I think that cabin fever might be setting in!

Elin (& a very worried Chris!)

Pure Grenada
Calero Marinas
Port Louis Marina