Crew member on GBR9604R Nunatak

Well our adventure continues as we search for favourable winds that will take us to Grenada. We’re struggling to make the progress that we would like, which is frustrating. But I remind myself that compared to the 77 days 7 hours 37 minutes it took me to row across the Atlantic our current pace is super speedy. I came in last in that race too, and as I keep telling Chris, someone always has to come last.

To pass away the time yesterday we played ‘hangman’. After much initial confusion about the exact rules of the game and whether we were playing in English or Welsh we had quiet a giggle for about 5 minutes before deciding that it probably wasn’t the game for us after all.

To celebrate reaching the 500 mile mark we opened a chilled bottle of Spanish sparkling water. Lush it was too. And of course no major celebration would be complete without a bag of Haribo sweets. Yesterday we had the Frenzy Edition! Living on the edge that we are.

Send us all your speedy vibes, and I’ll get Chris to write tomorrow’s blog.

Elin & Chris

P.S FOR SALE six tins of Spanish meatballs – still in original packaging - open to offers.

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