Crew member on GBR958R Jangada

Title: The final run to the finish

Rupert Holmes and Richard Palmer on JPK 1010 Jangada in the 2017 RORC

Transatlantic Race

Postion 12.03N 56.55W

Boat speed 8-12.5 knots

Wind ENE 15-22 knots

Air temperature 31.4C

Weather Sunny with 20% clould cover

We now have well under 300 miles to the finish and are holding a lead of

a couple of days both in our class and for the two-handed prize. The

past 48 hours have seen a mix of a fast downwind blast under S4

spinnaker - the wave shape has become much more conducive for surfing

and we've regularly had sustained speeds above 10 knots. However,

disappointingly the boat speed plot in the Expedition navigation

software reveals that the 12.5 knot peaks contribute next to nothing to

Jandaga's average speed.

The wind has been tending to ease in the afternoons, and come slightly

aft, making for good progress under the S4. Overnight it increases and

comes slightly further ahead, which makes for spirited progress and lots

of fun. However, we're also conscious that more incidents happen in the

early hours of the morning than at any other time, so we've dropped the

kite at some point between dinner time and midnight. We may have a

substantial lead on the water right now, but to get Jangada's name on

the trophies we still have to finish the race.

Wednesday night we reverted to sailing slightly low of the course under

a poled out No4 jib; last night we were sailing a little high under Jib

Top and Genoa Staysail. Tonight looks promising for the A5 small

asymmetric spinnaker - if so, we will have used every sail on the boat,

with the exception of the storm sails and delivery mainsail.

Despite the race having taken significantly longer than expected, our

provisions have lasted well. We will finish with a couple of day's

supply of water left, we've only just consumed the last of the fresh

veg, there's still cheese, ham, chorizo, gazpacho, plus a couple of

breakfasts, along with plenty of snacks and evening meals.

Nevertheless, we're still both looking forward to the finish in Grenada,

which should be around midnight local time on Saturday December 16...

Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas