Crew member on GER7475 Lunatix

Regards from Lunatix!

The days are passing by and we actually dont really know when we last posted anything to this blog so we will have a quick summary of our past days: They have been a variation of all sorts of weather, from as little as 4kn of TWS up to 30Kn everything hit us in a well served mixture. For the remaining days on the water we would like to point out that we prefer 20 to 25kn of TWS and would be delighted if we get this weather very soon, to surf towards the finish line. More than 25kn is not necessary and we we figured out that even on a brand new boat you get pieces to break apart if you push to hard. In our case the Tylaska at the end of the guy went out of service when a big gust hit us. As usual something like this happens during the dead of night and set us back quiet a bit until we where ready to set the kite again and continue under full speed.

We are in the beginning of the third week and according to our plan we should already enjoy Rum and the beautiful island of Grenada but as the fleet can tell, the weather conditions showed to be so beautiful, we just wanted to enjoy some extra days on the Atlantic!

We liked to admit we also accepted outside assistant last night by an eighth crew member: "Larry" as we named him, is a 40 cm big seabird (don´t ask us about the types of seabirds) which circumsailed Lunatix a dozen times yesterday evening before finding the courage to land on our deck (to windward- good job Larry). He proofed to be a fast-learner and even kept a cool head during two night-time gybes including all hands on deck and the neccesary moves and commands during the pitch black night, Larry just wouldn´t leave the scene. Unfortunately he doesn´t seem to be a great team player, leaving the scenery at early morning before breakfast and leaving a huge portion of sh*** on the starboard deck- not cool Larry!

Now we are back on track with our original 7 headed crew and enjoy the last hours of that race. Though the experiences being remarkebly, we still sail under the mindset of race sailors, which means that the last days and hours of the race- as beautiful as they might be- need to be minimized! Need another argument to get to Grenada as fast as possible? Well think about steak and rum !

All safe and sound but thirsty!


Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas