Crew member on ITA15111 Hatha Maris

December 8th, 2017

The Garden

If Matt Damon can grow potatoes on Mars then growing green vegetables in

the middle of the Atlantic Ocean would be easy, right?

The answer is actually yes, with very little effort a small amount of

preparation, the right seeds, and a small amount of space in indirect light

a surprising number of nutritious micro greens can be ready for eating in

3-4 days.

Having already experimented with sprouting seeds on a previous race with

mixed results plan B was formed.

Small packets of organic micro greens which include rocket, alfalfa, mung

beans, fenugreek and basil have been placed in shallow trays on top of damp

kitchen paper (needs to be unbleached) and then placed on a sill in

indirect sunlight. Each morning they are given a little water, turned

every other day and then cut ready for eating in wraps or salads and that

is really as hard as it gets.

The most important thing is to eat them as they are cut, they don’t last

unless you have the luxury of a fridge on board.

Sprouting organic chickpeas and lentils after a day of soaking in water

make really good snack finger foods.

I have done a few races now on a few different boats, without reservation I

can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that meals on Hatha Maris in

comparison would have been awarded a Michelin Star.

If you didn’t know by now, Italians love and honour the food they eat, from

breakfast right through to pre-dinner aperitivo, yes you heard me right,

for example thinly sliced carpaccio and zucchini soaked in lemon juice with

a side of anchovies and pomegranate, If you don’t believe me, then go to

the Second Star Facebook site in a few weeks time and see some of our

amazing meals.

In Lanzarote, I met up with a fellow provisioner, their trolley 300

oranges, 100 5 lt bottles of water and 2 trollies of noodles to rehydrate….

by comparison our provisioning was so yummy that another boat took the

delivery and we had to fight to get our food back!!!!



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