Crew member on FRA145 Eärendil

Dear all,

Everything and everyone is going well on board Earendil. Morale is very high. We have been reduced to the A6 yesterday for a peaceful night. The wind is quite unstable, shifty in direction and there were more clouds during the night, but all in all we made good progress. Talking about our friends on Hydra, they seem to have less wind than us - their average speed has been lower than ours for the last 24 hours now.

We continue to the west today, keeping the A6 with an average of 19 to 23 knots of wind. The direction of the wind has been around 40° on average since early this morning, so we are on a direct route to Grenada. This may change in the following hours, but we are delighted by it.

We still have 1200 miles to reach Grenada and the routing says 4 days and 15 hours remaining. We look at Kuka3, still very rapid. However, their angle does not seem to be deep. Not enough wind or a problem with their big spinaker perhaps?

Currently it is 12 pm UTC and Pietro is preparing pasta.  Gery is helming (our autopilot is not very efficient). 

More to come tomorrow.

Pietro, Gery and Catherine.

Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas